Potential of Incoming Technologies to Change the Face of E-commerce

Upcoming Technologies

Upcoming Technologies

For a decade, we are relying on the desktop versions of our e-commerce website and still nearly 60% shoppers come through big devices, while rest are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This doesn’t mean people are using mobile devices in less instances for shopping, instead they are even do shopping in brick-and-mortar stores using their smartphones.


In fact, majority of big e-commerce websites using Magento like high quality shopping carts where getting suitable responsive theme is difficult and making custom responsive design is tough. Moreover, recent trends towards e-commerce app development also revealing altogether different facts and facets of modern e-commerce.


Different Forms of Mobile Devices

If modern e-commerce entrepreneurs are ready to go on mobile some emerging technologies also posing new challenges for e-commerce developers for web and mobile both. Until a few months back, we were including candy bar like smartphones and their big sister versions tablets in mobile devices, but now we have other mobile devices in different forms. For instance, Google Glass, smart watches, automobile based mobile computing devices.


Scenario of Future E-Commerce

Let’s assume a scenario where a person is passing through a busy street and meeting a fashionably dressed another person. The first person like that fashionable dress and wish to buy it immediately. Fortunately, that fellow has worn Google Glass and our modern e-commerce site is ready to take photo taken by Glass as granted to match the design available in the store or not.


Alternately, ultramodern Google is able to search the modern e-commerce websites based on that photo and give perfect results for that dress so visitor can find details and also make payment through voice enable PayPal! Of course, you can imagine something similar for smart watches and mobile devices attached with automobiles (for e.g. car screen). There are infinite possibilities and ways to take shape of future e-commerce and way of shopping.


The Safest Currencies

In above example, we assumed that we were paying through PayPal through voice recognition software, or credit card by scanning it using Glass camera. However, we all know that credit card frauds are rising in numbers and intensity in damages. PayPal is not acceptable everywhere. Thus, we have payment methods and payment gateways integration problems inherently.


There is a ray of hope and it is cryptocurrencies means encrypted safe currencies. At present we have Bitcoin at somewhat primitive form, but getting momentum day-by-day. If you add such cryptocurrencies in your e-commerce website or payment methods in e-commerce mobile app, you have almost zero chances of frauds and other currencies related problems like counting in local currencies and turning them in to global or vice verso.


At present values of Bitcoin is changing rapidly so we can exchange them frequently with our hard currencies like dollars or pounds, but we would have global audience with safe payment for both side-sellers & buyers.


Autonomous Vehicles

At present we are facing rapid delivery problems and giants like Amazon and Google are hoping to do same-day delivery within a radius of selected regions/areas. In shipping fleet management is crucial and critical due to human factors and fleet drivers are the biggest obstacles in rapid delivery.


Therefore, technologists are inventing autonomous vehicles with desired efficiency so they can make cost-effective delivery without any driver in the vehicle and they can operated by either computer software located at a place or by human staff in a single premise. The frequent trips of autonomous vehicle make possible to deliver goods within hours of order at any place due to enlarged network of such vehicles.



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