WordPress Introducing WordPress 3.7 Beta (Release Candidate-1, Release Candidate-2)

WordPress Introducing WordPress 3.7 Beta (Release Candidate-1, Release Candidate-2)

Andrew Nacin, the lead developer announces WordPress 3.7 – Release Candidate-1 on 18th of October and is now available but just take a little while to read this. Well I am not scaring you from the 3.7 but why not a pamphlet to have handy before starting some new and upgraded launch?

What’s new in WordPress 3.7 ?

WordPress RC-1

Special Note: WordPress version 3.7 RC1 released just after approx. 2 months of WordPress 3.6 released. That makes sense to 3.7 RC1 of being bug fixing version of 3.6 Launch in last August. Well let me describe the good sides of the WordPress 3.7

This latest version mainly focuses on more and more security features and stability as compared to previous versions. The final version of WordPress 3.7 beta 2 had launched as soon as possible after completion testing.

Andrew Nacin gives an introduction about the RC-1 update.

WordPress 3.7 introduces automatic background updates for security and minor releases (like updating from 3.7 to 3.7.1). These are really easy to test — RC 1 will update every 12 hours or so to the latest development version, and then emails you the results. (You may get two emails: one for debugging, and one all users of 3.7 will receive.) If something went wrong, you can report it.

Did you read? Yeah that means your users now get more updated from you and that is your goodwill. I recommend personally going for a new updated version of WordPress for your website. Resembling others, without wasting your time you can hire us to update your website for better results and performance. You can easily download WordPress 3.7 Release Candidate 1 by clicking here.

WordPress RC-2

I don’t get the idea why the WordPress Release Candidate 2 was released or about to be released. I do not find anything much new in it over RC-1. Everything is almost same. Look at the WordPress guys they are after asking the users to test their plugins and themes to test over the RC2. Isn’t it a little harsh?

I mean I am just asking why the WordPress guys are not so sure of own applications and the other side they state, “Wordpress will be automatically updated on now” Anyways we have to look down to RC-2 that’s the way WordPress helpful to us and we to them for mutual growth. Download WordPress Release Candidate 2 by clicking here

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading my article. Don’t forget to comment if you like or you have any correction for it.

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