Which features are finalized to launch in WordPress 3.8 core?

Which features are finalized to launch in WordPress 3.8 core?

Previous week I discussed about WordPress 3.7 RC 1 and RC 2 and here is the inner news about WordPress 3.8. Do you read about Matt Mullenweg’s decision on final features releasing in WordPress 3.8? No……….! Then read this article carefully.

WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg has decided final features of WordPress 3.8 in an epic three-hour meeting after taking the status of proposed features from plugin leaders.I tried to represent some features from Boss Matt’s words and introduce to you that include in this article.

Omnisearch/Global Admin Search

Omnisearch is the combination of all admin searches into one. The main goal of this plugin is to give search result of any term and phase to user without wanting the place of it. For e.g. When a user want to search a particular phase but don’t aware about it was in post or a comment, omnisearch can give result through searching in all places of site.This plugin required more work before go further, but it has more possibility of adding in the next version of WordPress.

Widgets Area Chooser plugin have green signal

Widgets Area Chooser
If your WordPress site have large amount of widget area, so you know how crowded this page become and drag-and-drop interference had not worked. This error can be overcome by creating its page in MP6. So because of this reason widgets Area Chooser plugin has been made. It doesn’t neglect drag-and-drop proficiency but it provides new practice to move widgets around. Drag-and-drop facility is also available in this plugin if anybody wants. For checking this plugin, you must have MP6.

Widgets Area Chooser plugin have following advantages

This feature will finally add in core without any fail which was decided in a meeting.A user can explore a new dashboard in the further release.

THX38 has also clean way to add in WordPress 3.8


The Theme Experience plugin is also going to launch in further version. Through this plugin users can expect a much improved way of viewing them on the themes.php screen. Matt distinguished that design of the plugin feel “more fun, more friendly”. He gives more important on the speedy function of this feature.

This plugin enhances the performance of theme browsing and search. It presents themes strongly and moves the description to a detail overlay.

MP6 Plugin is ready to launch


“MP6 will make the WP feel modern by integrating with WordPress 3.8.” not mat but I said.

Thought on adition of this plugin began from decision about updating icons of WordPress admin area. Icons were previously changed in WordPress 3.6 but that project had returned in a short time for more development in admin area look. WordPress admin area hasn’t changed for a long time, so it required some changes.

The goal of updating design is to overcome the problem of old technology by launching latest technology because the user always expects good design with modern technology. This plugin will launch with advance contrast and readability also.

Mullenweg said. “This plugin short in arm, forces plugin devs to up their game, makes WP feel modern, and the importance of the responsive aspect of it cannot be overstated.”
This plugin is now available on WordPress site for testing.

What is your opinion about these features of WordPress? Give your comment below.

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