How to Install Plugins in WordPress | Tutorial for Beginners

How to Install Plugins in WordPress | Tutorial for Beginners

Often the new developers face difficulties in WordPress. To help those folks we have created a Category Especially for Beginners called WordPress for Beginners. In this Category we will publish basic tutorials related to WordPress so make sure to check it out category by clicking here.

WordPress is easy-to-use and extremely flexible so you can install and customize it with very less hassles. Installing Plugin in WordPress is probably the easiest thing to do. There are three ways to install plugins in WordPress and we are going to discuss all the methods in this Post. I will try my best to make it easy to learn WordPress plugin installation for those who are new.

Method One – One of the best ways to install plugin through backend

This is the easiest way to install any Plugin in WordPress through backend (Admin Area).

Method Two – Simple method to upload the plugin directly on Backend

Another simple way to Upload plugins using WordPress Uploader.

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