Guidelines for How to Install Module in Opencart

Guidelines for How to Install Module in Opencart

In today’s world online store and website is very necessary for all business either you own small or big business. So you must have little knowledge when any type of changes occurs in your online store. If you own an online store and don’t want to invest some money in Opencart development, don’t worry hundreds of tutorial are available on the internet. In this post, I tried to explain about how to install module in Opencart. This is a very easy process, you can do it yourself simply by reading. You can save some money and time doing it yourself. Follow my guideline step by step and enjoy benefits of Opencart module.

Step 1: Connect to Your FTP server

First and very crucial step is to connect to your FTP server. This required following three things to connect to your FTP.

Step 2:  Upload “Catalog” and “Admin” folders to your live Opencart folder

Upload Plugin Files
After connecting to your FTP server, the next step is to upload “catalog” and “Admin” folder to your live Opencart folder. The following snapshot describes how it’s done practically.

Step 3: Login into Opencart Administration

Login to Admin Panel
Then you need to go to Opencart website and login into Opencart Administration carefully.

Step 4: Go to “Extension” in Opencart website and click on “Module.”

Go to Extension and Module
After successfully login into Opencart Administration, click on the Extension menu on the top side of the website. When you click on Extension menu, you can see the Module menu first and select it for the further process.

Step 5: Click on “install” Button

Install the Module
After clicking on “Module” in Extension menu, you will find a list of modules. From this list find your module (In this case we are installing smartcart) which you want to install and click on “install” button and enjoy the functionality of the module.

If you have any difficulty regarding Opencart development, you can contact us any time without any hesitation.

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