What Is Keyword Targeting? How To Rank Well In Google

What Is Keyword Targeting? How To Rank Well In Google

In the last of my blogs regarding SEO I had explained OFF Page SEO and On Page SEO. Apart from that even after contributing in all those activities, finding keywords, blogs, PR, Articles everything you tried to do to chase the Keyword ranking and you could also bring it up from 1 millionth to 500K rank. But your key word still there in the same position or just moved up to be marble position. So now what to do to bring the business and get the Keyword ranking?. Let me share some of my homework on Keyword ranking?

My today’s discussion about how to improve Keywords Position in Search Results and the ways to get the Keyword ranking.

There are many things that we must care during blogging. Read below points and try to follow them to improve your blog traffic through search engines.

I will make you follow me to Off page and on page key style to keyword targeting..

Blog Title Must Be Concentrated To Keyword to Improve SERP

The tittle of your Post is the first thing which is picked up by Engine so be sure to keep the title of the post “SEO Friendly.” This way keyword Rankinggets easy.

Do not forget to include the main key word of your post in the title.

Keywords must be in appropriate demand and wastage in contents to improve Search engine Rank.

Improve Keyword Ranking In Google
Your content should have awesome quality to have best Keyword ranking. I write like I am talking to someone and explaining him. Be normal and straight forward to write about your views on your content.

Consider the keywords to merge into your content to make it SEO friendly. The use of keywords must be 2 to 3 percentage.

As an example you are using a keyword “keyword ranking” then you will use your key words 12 times in the article if your post is about 400 words.

Image optimization is must rank higher in Google

We mostly are focused on making images to look our blog posts attractive and so we get more and more traffic stayed on for long on our web page. Well that’s a great idea. But now days the images are another extra way to improve search engine ranking.

Use ALT attributes and hyperlinks to figure out your aimed keyword in the search engine.

Labels need to be keywords

If you use label then the label must be a keyword that categorizes the post and put you in a particular niche that you are targeting your audience and achieve Keyword Ranking in Google.

Labels specify your post in the subcategory of your blog. And the keyword suggests the category for your post to search Engine. This is how you are categorized for your blogging. If you have already labeled your post do not worry its cool. Just rename them.

Now you have understood how to improve search engine ranking with labeling. If you still need advice on how to improve search engine ranking please contact us.

Use Guest Posting

Improve SERP

The most useful technique which is getting avoided these days to get high quality backlinks is guest posting. It is the easiest way to get high quality backlinks. Most of us avoid this because they think more affordable to put the views on own blog to attract the traffic. But one thing to check on is if you want to make your domain authority more genuine and to be preferred to put first on keyword search you need high quality back links and we call it a trustworthy website for search engine.

For this you need to write high quality contents with mass information and post them on the host blogger. This is the way you can bring more and more traffic and get backlinks from high ranked websites.

Comments on do follow blogs so you improve Search engine Rank

Do not think that blog commenting is just a headache and waste of time. But a really helpful comment on the blog means a lot to the traffic puller and backlink lover. Many are in completion to rank higher in google and posting comments to get do follow backlinks, but they forget that the do follow links only can provide you the best option for backlinks.

If you get involved in to commenting the blogs, you will be introduced to a lot of generations that is into blogging and seekers of information. For commenting awesome on blog brings traffic for more information to your blogs. Now the traffic filtered via comment is an honor for search engine. And your comment attracts spiders for backlinks. This is something like 10101110 languages but be aware you get the backlinks like this because however people claiming that this technique is old but Google cannot change another gas for a living.

Social bookmarking, the best way to improve Search engine ranking

Let me tell you the honest words that here starts the scrapping work. I daily work out on my blogs and clients’ postings with few important and not important Social Media websites. They are…

  • TUMBLER (IMP.) –

I publish my Post as far as I can and try my best to approach it to people. Because you never, how far your blogs might be being appreciated.

[Note: Remember your blog posts must have awesome SEO dipped titles and keywords we call them keywords to improve search engine ranking]


Directory Submissions for best result for rank higher in Google

As same as social bookmarking, directory submission with care can also help blog owners to make their blog popular in search results. There are also some points for directory submission that you must know to take proper benefits of your hard work. Please read below tutorial to know what you should know before doing directory submission for your blog. If you want to rank higher in google practically directory submission is an important factor.


It’s not how you write but it is how you approach. The candy made with care and not shared does not get solved. But the candy shared properly and tested gets more customer orders.

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