Educational Visit

Date 21st of February, 2013, Thursday, visit of final year students of IT stream, JAMIA ENGINEERING INSTITUTE.

It was a great pleasure to introduce work floor of Inception system to students on visit from Jamiya Polytechnic, Akkalkuwa. Jamiya Polytechnic is a vocational educational institute and apart of Jamiya University located in northern Maharashtra near Nandurbar district itself. JamiyaUniversity is located almost on the political state border of Gujarat Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. A team of 20 students with the professor Mr. Muhammad Pandor and computer lab assistant Mr. Abdulla arrived on company site to explore the experience of workflow of web application development. The program was sub sectioned in three sessions.

> Introduction, Acknowledgement of Health and safety
> Overview working model of simple project and query run.
> Practical exam of each student on after hours on visit

The program was scheduled for 9 hours with 1 hour break after each session. The students and professors enjoyed the environment on floor with our HR and hospitality staff. Here is a brief layout of program in following manner.

Introduction and Acknowledgement of health and safety on work floor

From management team Mr. Ayaz Madhiya (Operation Manager) and Mr. Shakil Sumra(Co-Founder of Inception system) personally introduced the organization and values of it. There was a brief acknowledgment about work criteria, departments and information regarding services that been provided by the organization to open market.

The Students were introduced to the floor and given brief knowledge about Occupational Health and Safety procedures. The students were also made aware of health and injury issues during the visit and operational activities on floor.

Overview of Working Model of simple project and query run

Students were allotted seats after each programmer and developer. The students record the data and procedure what a programmer is working out through. Thus each student can grab different views on different technologies being used on the ground.
Students were educated following factors,

It was almost 5 hours schedule for students to know how the websites are transformed from a vision to designs and designs to templates and templates to working model.

Formal Practical Exam

Inception system runs routine interviews for trainees and experienced staff recruitment. So in order to choose right candidate for internship there was a brief examination for students. Out of them 80% students scored above expectations. The excellent candidates were given certifications from Organization of “One Day Ongoing training by Experts” and “Quick Learner Trainees”. The session ended with delicious dinner with management and operation staff at local restaurant.

It was a great experience with future employees of Inception System. Like this Inception System refreshes itself with elder and younger experiences and ideas of individuals. To improve further qualities and strategies of organization the feedback forms were filled by the visitors, students and staff of the institute.

A comment by a student visited the organization.

“Personally attending the Inception System makes me feel more confident and visioning as my seniors are on the go to make named organization in the state. I feel proud to my institute JAMIA POLYTECHNIC to produce such entrepreneur. There is no doubt that Inception system is one of the best places to work with. Though there are few lacks of facilities but the way staff works here and the environment here as spiritual as some temple. There is nowhere such mental peace and cooperation with employment like inception has. I give 10 out of 10 to the organization for 100% job satisfaction for its employees. Inception does best out of it to serve the society.”

Inception stays awake and helping for those institutes interested in educating their students for practical experience before employed to real work floor. And that’s the way the students become confident to face the interviews, vivas and on floor career.

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